The area of the Blue Zones Initiative that I’m most passionate about is living with purpose. The research shows that having a sense of purpose adds seven years to your life. I can stand behind that! My purpose is to let my talents shine in order to share them with others. I feel very fortunate to be in a career field where I can use my talents to help connect people with opportunities which guide them toward achieving their own career aspirations and living out their purpose. Even though I’m professionally fulfilled with the work that I do at Salo, I seek additional opportunities to share my talents and live out my purpose. Most notably, for the last four years, I’ve traveled to India to volunteer through Global Volunteers. I teach conversational English in the schools and play with children in the orphanages.

I’m able to escape from my very busy day-to-day life and get lost in the joy of playing with children. Not having kids of my own, this serves as a great way for me to get my “kid-fix” for the year. I never tire of the children racing to greet me, the hugs, giving piggy back rides and the hands to hold. These kids crave attention and affection; I’m happy to fill that void.

Talking with any experienced volunteer, you’ll find that it’s the volunteer that ends up walking away with what feels to be the more meaningful experience. Being with these children helps me slow down and realize that life is really about the relationships you form and how you make each other feel at the end of the day.

Is my purpose to serve the poor of India? Not necessarily. I see my purpose as being the best that I can be and sharing my light with others—and if that involves a trip to India each year, I’ll take it!


My experience with Blue Zones has solidified my desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of being part of such a progressive employee wellness initiative. In a few weeks, I will complete my training to become a certified yoga instructor. I’ve found that being around like minded people who embrace clean eating and incorporate exercise into their daily lives has helped me deepen my commitment to healthy living.

There are so many unhealthy choices that surround us everyday. Temptation is constantly staring us in the face: in vending machines, in the checkout lanes at the grocery store–even in our own pantry! Having healthy snacks in our offices helps me keep my personal goals. Blue Zones and meeting with my Moia has taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people who encourage a healthy lifestyle. The relationships I’ve built with my Moai have been very positive and I plan to foster these relationships for a lifetime!