So far my Blue Zones journey has resulted in no life-altering revelations or “A-ha!” moments. I guess that means I’m doing it right. Nevertheless I can’t help feeling a little unaccomplished. How am I to discipline myself to focus on a goal that I will never know was achieved? As a goal-driven person, I’m realizing the need to redefine success in the Blue Zones program.

This has led me to embrace a philosophy of living in the moment. Thinking, “How can I be my very best at THIS MOMENT?” The framework provided by Blue Zones, has led me to making better decisions that should lead to a longer life and more happiness. For example, at a recent lunch I made the most of that moment by ordering a salad when my initial inclination was something less healthy. Later in the day, feeling happy about my lunch decision, I opted to reflect on a challenging situation through the lens of being my best at that moment, and handled the situation in a more productive way.

I always thought “Carpe Diem” was an anthem for reckless living, which would probably result in a shorter life span. Hey, at least I’d have a ton of fun! Through the lens of Blue Zones, I now see “Carpe Diem” as a challenge to be my best at each and every moment, in turn having more moments to be my best.


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My wife has always been the healthy side of the equation in our family. And, although, I’m getting better, I know it is like pushing a rock uphill (she will attest). Fortunately for my wife, healthy eating habits have been much easier to train with our daughter (and soon-to-be son). In fact, our daughter’s eating habits are so good, during her meals we actually hide the vegetables and fruits from her or she won’t eat anything else. I have come to believe that raspberries have something addictive in them as the girl can’t seem to get enough. If you try to hide them and she catches you…oh boy!

In all seriousness, my daughter’s love of healthy food has been a blessing for us. She has no interest in traditional sweets, artificial juices, or any foods that are smothered in sugar or flavoring. I don’t claim to be a doctor or a child psychologist, but I do believe that healthy habits early in life has had a positive influence on our daughter thus far. She is a very happy baby (unless she catches you hiding the raspberries) and seems to always have a good appetite.

Since we’ve embarked on the Blue Zones initiative at Sálo, my attitude and habits toward healthy eating have changed a bit. As my wife, daughter and co-workers are all consciously making healthy choices, I am more likely to do the same. If not, my wife or Amy will make me!

With the Blue Zones momentum in full swing, I look forward to instilling healthy habits in our son as well (coming to a theatre near you in May).



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