I get joy out of consulting. The variety of industries and businesses is where I get jazzed and challenged.

Bonnie Hatterman
Human Resources Consultant: Minneapolis

Bonnie Hattermann, Human Resources Consultant, Minneapolis

What is your role on Salo projects?

I do everything that an employee of an organization would do as a human resources director. The difference is that I am project-based—my current engagement is 18 months long, but usually they last about six-months—and they can vary, from huge corporate mergers to small nonprofits.

In addition to the regular day-to-day activities of HR duties, such as payroll and benefits administration, I’ve had opportunities with leadership, management coaching and training.

How did you become a consultant?

When I chose to become a consultant, I was moving with my husband back to the U.S. after his job had taken us to Australia, so it was a good time for exploration. What I’ve realized is that there is not a magic formula to making a consultant. But I had good experience and drawing on that experience is exactly what clients are looking for. At some point, I realized, Hey, I’m pretty good! I bring good experience to the table. I’ve been in this field a long time, and people want to hear that perspective.

As someone who didn’t immediately consider consulting as a career—how do you feel now?

I get joy out of consulting. A lot of people cite the flexibility, and that is great, but I also enjoy getting to know different businesses and learning different industries. Going from a global agricultural company to a tiny company selling saltwater aquariums online, to a nonprofit . . . the variety of industries and businesses is where I get jazzed and challenged.

What’s your life outside work like?

The work-life balance is great. I have the flexibility to go into the office as much as I want. The big thing is that I can take the summer off when my kids, who are 9, 10, and 13, need supervision. They are all active in sports and we are in the thick of chauffeuring them around.

What’s the support from Salo like for you?

My personal experience with Salo, once I got that first contract, is that they’ve had something for me immediately—they always keep me busy! When I came back to the States, I was zero-networked and they have helped me build my network in this community.

Salo is a fabulous employer. I don’t even have time to take advantage of all the supports they offer—opportunities to connect, network and learn. Anyone in the HR industry I’ve run into, as soon as they see you’re from Salo, their response is to say they have a stellar reputation.