Amy Langer, Salo Co-Founder (left), Ken Charles, U.S. Bank Senior Vice President of Global Talent (middle left), Carol Surface, Medtronic CHRO (middle right), Commissioner Shawntera Hardy, Minnesota D.E.E.D. (right)

Last week, Salo’s Amy Langer shared her thoughts and insights as a panelist with GREATER MSP’s Managing Through the Talent Crunch series. Joining Amy (who recently announced her role on the Greater MSP board) were Senior Vice President of Global Talent at U.S. Bank, Ken Charles, and CHRO of Medtronic, Carol Surface. The energizing conversation included the following key takeaways:

Culture Counts

According to Amy, company culture plays a major role in attracting top talent. “Attracting and retaining talent starts with knowing your culture and then authentically communicating with prospective and current employees. Through the interview process, it is important to tailor specific questions to best determine cultural fit, as well as being transparent about the pros and cons of the role. This gives people the opportunity to opt in or out.” Once hired, it is crucial that new employees feel part of your company’s community, said Amy. “When new hires arrive, welcome them. Helping them develop a sense of belonging will have a profound effect on retention.”

Focus on Your Own

Speaking about attracting and retaining talent on a regional scale, U.S. Bank’s Ken Charles emphasized the importance of investing in current employees. When companies focus on the development of their current employees, there is less turnover, which is crucial in today’s competitive labor market. Ken also spoke to the importance of a company “owning” their home market, which includes developing relationships with local schools and other organizations to create a future talent pipeline.

The Human Element

As a whole, the panel shared the sentiment that talent acquisition is an inherently human experience. Data is great for identifying trends, but recognizing the humanity in who we are looking to attract and retain within the region is what it’s all about.