Prolonged success opens the door to refined brand strategy for Salo, Oberon and NumberWorks.

On June 3, 2013 Salo and its affiliate brands Oberon and NumberWorks, will unveil a new branding direction for the organization. The brand will unify the companies under a common banner in order to provide clients and employees alike with greater clarity in association, purpose, organization and service lines.

While Salo will be used as the brand going forward, service lines will not be affected. “From a business standpoint, we will continue to focus on clients and be exactly who we are. Only the Salo, Oberon and NumberWorks labels will be evolving,” said Amy Langer, Co-Founder of Salo. Langer went on to say, “like any smart business, we look for ways to maximize our resources, and this enhancement will do exactly that, enable us to be more effective with our marketing, communication and online presence.”

When asked about the impetus for the evolution, John Folkestad, Co-Founder of Salo replied, “every day we help clients evolve their business to meet new opportunities. Now we’re doing the same for our organizations.” Folkestad added, “it’s a wonderful position to be in when growth and expansion open the door to considering additional ways to make our companies better poised for even greater success.”

Salo is the leader in driving business outcomes by leveraging talent in finance, accounting and human resources; as well as, financial and accounting search services. The award-winning firm is among the fastest-growing contract staffing companies in the country with offices in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago. For more information, visit