FEI Chicago Chapter & Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Professional Development Day


In today’s workplace, the rules for success are constantly evolving. Last week, with it’s sponsorship of the Financial Executives International (FEI) Kellogg Professional Development Day event – Salo helped businesses consider how best to effectively navigate workplace change with the help of two industry thought leaders.



The first session began with Dr. Robert Wolcott, who spoke on the importance of being skilled in fostering relationships within businesses. This skillset is essential for successfully integrating innovation within companies, because strong relationships establish credibility for new ideas to grow. He encouraged companies to get comfortable with risk: “Do not manage the rate of failure, manage the cost of learning.”


Dr Marianne Seiler’s “Calculating the True Benefits of Customer Experience” session focused on consistent customer experience – “if you deliver outstanding customer experience three times and fail to do so on the fourth, you not only raised the bar, but also negatively impacted the customer more so than if you would have just met their needs the entire time.”


Dr. Seiler also discussed how to accurately measure and calculate the customer experience through processes, such as segmentation, discrete choice, and factor analysis. She noted that “doing research on what customers are asking for before they even know what they want is often a long and difficult process. However, if you can get it right, your company will be more able to differentiate amongst your competitors.”




The article was written by Leigh Borgenson, a Talent Connection Specialist at Salo, LLC. Click here to connect with Leigh.



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