Compass Program

Salaried Accounting Rotational Careers

Stop spinning. Start rotating.

Are you ready to step out of public accounting, but not sure which direction to take?

The Compass Program is a salaried rotational program for up-and-coming public accounting professionals who intend to move into industry. Participants work on projects for clients of all kinds—public and private, large and small, PE- or VC-backed, as well as entrepreneurs.

Through the Compass Program, you’ll become the candidate everyone wants—one with public AND industry experience.

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See what it’s all about! Erin Matushak, program directior, explains the benefits of the Compass program.

Graduate Stories: What people say about the Compass Program

Project Work

Through the Compass Program, you’ll complete several projects over approximately two years, gaining the additional skills, experiences and contacts you need to determine your best path forward. Compass Program project areas include:

Program Requirements

The Compass Program is for professionals with 2+ years of public accounting (or equivalent) experience and:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field (advanced degree preferred)
  • CPA (preferred)
  • Demonstrated self-starter mentality
  • An appetite/aptitude to learn and perform at a high level
  • Flexibility – ability to adapt to new situations
  • Love of new challenges
  • Great communication skills
  • A positive, energetic personality
  • Strong customer service skills


How is this different than a temp job?

Salary & benefits: During your approximate 2 years in the Compass Program, you will be salaried (versus hourly) and receive many of the benefits—and stability—you are used to.

Future focus: Compass Program clients bring you onto their projects as a precursor to working with them fulltime in the future. You are not viewed as a temp or a contractor by the client but rather as a potential future employee. Our goal is to further expand your already impressive skill set and network. Our clients know your end goal is industry…and they are lobbying to win you.

Clarity: This program is about discovery. What do you want to do? Are you qualified to do it? What type of company/culture appeals to you? We’ll help you get answers to these questions and more, so your first job after public accounting is a more calculated step in the right direction.

Why would I choose the Compass Program instead of permanent job?

A chance to explore: There will be no shortage of good roles in industry for professionals leaving public accounting. But how do you know which is the right one? Do the traditional roles feel like a good fit for you (internal audit, external reporting)? Will you be giving up the variety in public accounting you still crave? We’re looking for motivated professionals who are still exploring answers to these questions.

All too often we see professionals transitioning out of public accounting who are unsure what they want to do next or are not quite qualified for what they think they want. In addition, from time to time people come to us who have made the wrong choice just to “get out” of public accounting, and then figure it out 3-6 months into their next role. We want to help you run towards something, not away from it, and we want to help you figure out what “it” is.

Increased value as a candidate: During the program, you’ll accumulate additional skill sets, project by project. Afterward, you’ll qualify for full-time industry roles you likely don’t today. Our clients are constantly looking for professionals who have both industry and public experience; these are the most coveted candidates. When you’re ready to leave the program, you’ll be one of them.

Can I choose which projects I engage with?

Short answer—yes: We’re looking for candidates who have an innate curiosity and want to try new things. So we encourage you to try new competencies at new companies to truly differentiate your resume. This does not, however, mean that we have your career path engineered for you. We want you to learn to drive your life and career, not be a passenger…Your input is critical here.

Before selecting a project, you’ll work with the Compass Talent Director and Business Development team to choose the one that best aligns with your goals. Your input is vital, just ask our current members.

How much overtime will I be working?

We’ll let you know up front: Work hours may fluctuate depending on the outcome our client is trying to achieve. We try to pre-identify projects involving overtime and let you know on the front end of the interview process so you can make the best decision. Average work weeks range between 40-45 hours.

Still have questions? Email Erin Matushak at or call 612-230-7256.

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