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A career by choice

Problems solvers and progress seekers

As Salo consultants, we like to make things happen for our clients. We don’t follow a single, prescribed path. We’re knowledge thirsty and challenge hungry. We see the big picture and understand the details. We can lead and collaborate, listen and communicate. And, although we’ve been doing this kind of work for years, we know every project is different—and that variety is what we like best.

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Life as a Salo consultant

Hear from our consultants why they love what they do.

Is consulting right for you?

Get tips from Salo's Talent Connection and Development Director, Colleen Frankwitz on life as a consultant.

The best of both worlds

Learn about the support and benefits you will have as a consultant.

My Salo Story

I have more control over my life

I feel less guilty about taking time for myself.

My Salo story: Finding the challenge I needed

I can leverage my experience and skill set in new ways that bring me joy.

Personal and professional responsibilities

I think I’m a better person in my personal life because of my professional life.


Present parenting and career growth

I have the ability take off every summer to spend with my family.

A startup business and a steady paycheck

I was specific with what I was looking for and they found me an amazing project.

Career advancement and freedom to explore

I not only have more free time, but more free space in my mind.

A personal life and a meaningful career

There’s just so much more out there for you as a consultant.

Benefits & Amenities

The job you want, with the benefits you need

Salo offers a wide variety of consulting career opportunities—from the flexibility of per-project consulting to long-term roles on our internal consulting teams. No matter which career path you choose, we’ll consider you one of our employees. You’ll have access to benefits that professionals expect from employers, such as:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement saving plans
  • Career planning and mentoring
  • Education and networking events
Consulting Careers at Salo

Professional development and networking opportunities