By: Darcy Herrig, Talent Connection Manager

Throughout the year, we host Connect & Educate events for our employees to facilitate networking and grow skills. Our recent Connect and Educate session was facilitated by improvisational comedy group, Comedy Sportz – what a great way to start a workday!

Comedy Sportz led activities designed to elevate our connections by actively asking and listening to each other on an entirely different level.  Here are three of my favorite exercises:

  1. What isn’t bad in your life? We were challenged to go around the room and ask people what “What isn’t bad in your life?” – repeatedly for one minute.  It was so great to hear the positivity in people’s answers– “My bed is comfortable,” “I worked out today,” “I am going to be a new dad”.  Each response could be simple or well thought out, but it created a wonderful way to get to know each other and a reminder on approaching each day with a positive outlook.positive energy
  1. Yes, and… Another exercise focused on our responses to requests or questions. Sometimes our first instinct is to say why a request or idea will not work rather than focus on how the request can be completed.  For example, our group worked through a scenario, responding only with “yes, but…”.  We are going to build a spacecraft to the moon.  Yes, but we will not have the right resources.  Then we approached the same scenario with the response, “Yes, and”. We are going to build a spacecraft to the moon.  Yes and let’s do an assessment of the right resources for the job.  The latter response approached the situation with more positivity, which can help foster collaboration in teams. It was a profound activity for me as I started to realize how much I use the “Yes, but” response in daily work and personal life. By focusing on the “Yes, and” response, more positive things can happen.
  1. Listen, think and respond. Our final activity centered on asking questions and really listening to the responses of your partner.  This resonated with me greatly as too often I have crafted an answer or response before the person has finished their thought/question.  Listening is powerful and so meaningful to great discussions.

As I participated in the Connect and Educate event, I was reminded of our company Anniversary Party and the “electricity/charge” that was in the air from all the connections. I loved the energy we are able to harness through all of our interactions and was invigorated for the rest of the day!

Connect & Educate is our employee event series designed to expand careers, by leveraging expertise, and growing connections within Salo community.


Darcy Anderson_FinanceMpls

Darcy Herrig is a Talent Connection Manager in our Minneapolis office.

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