My experience with Blue Zones has solidified my desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of being part of such a progressive employee wellness initiative. In a few weeks, I will complete my training to become a certified yoga instructor. I’ve found that being around like minded people who embrace clean eating and incorporate exercise into their daily lives has helped me deepen my commitment to healthy living.

There are so many unhealthy choices that surround us everyday. Temptation is constantly staring us in the face: in vending machines, in the checkout lanes at the grocery store–even in our own pantry! Having healthy snacks in our offices helps me keep my personal goals. Blue Zones and meeting with my Moia has taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people who encourage a healthy lifestyle. The relationships I’ve built with my Moai have been very positive and I plan to foster these relationships for a lifetime!