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If you are leading a business with ambitious growth plans, you know that your finance operations have to be the backbone that drives growth. With ongoing regulatory and technological changes, how do you ensure that your finance operations are setting you up for success – not just helping you keep up? Organizations today are dealing with operational inefficiencies, limited access to data or technology, and capability gaps, all while striving to meet strategic objectives. Whether you are a CFO trying to right the financial ship or build a new organization, the road to the future state can be daunting.

Enter “finance optimization.”

At Salo, we define this discipline as a way of helping an organization achieve its goals by taking a view of their finance operations, identifying opportunities for improvement, and executing a roadmap that will guide and enable the change you need.

It can often be tempting to short-cut to a quick answer. The problem is that even the narrowest of operational challenges – close-process optimization, for example – often involves a complex network of elements, such as people, process, technology and governance.

Optimization doesn’t have to be intimidating, and all change doesn’t have to happen at once.

At Salo, we partner with our clients to develop a holistic solution that is customized to the business’s specific needs. The value generated is broad; how we deliver that is specific.

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Finance Optimization

Seema Malveaux is a Senior Principal with the Salo Chicago team. Seema and her team help businesses solve complex finance challenges through the optimization of processes, systems and people. Connect with Seema via phone (312-834-7256) or on LinkedIn here.