Twin Cities Business 2017 CFO ForumCiting shifts in global markets, legislative uncertainty, and shakeups to traditional views of the workplace, panelists at the 2017 CFO Forum, presented by Twin Cities Business, emphasized the importance of being able to effectively manage change — no matter what business challenges arise.

The panelists included Bill Acheson of GWG Life, Kim Nelson of SPS Commerce, Kathleen Pepski of Hawkins Inc., and Marcel Smits of Cargill.

The diversity of the panel provided attendees a unique perspective to common business challenges. Bill Acheson discussed a topic within the scope of GWG Life, a company less than twenty years old and valued near two hundred million dollars. On the other hand, Marcel Smits discussed the same topic within the scope of Cargill, a multi-billion-dollar organization founded forty years prior to Henry Ford’s release of the Model T automobile.

“Those with the ability to effectively embrace change will be best positioned to succeed,” said Pepski.

One way that organizations can ensure complex organizational changes go smoothly is by bringing in experts to manage the uncertainty.

“Uncertainty is where our consultants thrive,” said Nicole Reid, Business Development Director with Salo. “Our clients call on us to solve their most difficult business problems, and we connect them with the expert they need to get the job done.”

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