We all start the New Year with such great intentions. Get fit! Drink more water! Spend more time with family! Journal!

However, sometimes we forget to be just as intentional with our work resolutions. As an HR leader, you’re likely used to setting goals for your team, yet being more intentional around what you want your team to improve, streamline or create can be a healthy addition for you and your teams.

2017 was a challenging year for the workplace environment in many respects. It raised questions about a broad range of controversial subjects: from the role of automation in human work to wage equality, workplace harassment to significant tax change.

In such a time, focus on what you can control as a leader. Reviewing, enhancing and documenting your HR processes from recruiting to termination are crucial steps in providing clarity of direction and expectation to your teams.

Such an exercise does not need to take until Spring to complete if it’s approached in a collaborative way. A productive way of uncovering these opportunities can be a group workshop, which can spur healthy conversations about differences and how alignment can be made based on regulations and best practices.

A typical workshop can include the following areas:

  • Efficiency.  By outlining your HR process in detail, companies can more easily recognize areas of inefficiency and opportunities to make processes leaner.  These changes may include removing unnecessary steps, reducing information collected, and removing low value notifications and communications that result in cost savings.
  • Compliance.  Adjusting HR processes to ensure alignment with regulatory changes such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can avoid unnecessary fines and workload impacts. Fines for compliance issues can range from 2-4% of a company’s annual revenue.
  • Consistency. By focusing on optimal consistency, teams regularly uncover differences in their HR processes across departments, regions, or other organizational structures.
  • Change Management. If your organization has recently changed technology or organizational structures, reviewing and documenting HR practices is critical to ensure clarity and establish expectations based on recent process or role changes.

When done well, workshops can be a positive experience for your whole team.  By bringing together cross-departmental team members and engaging in these discussions, you create an environment for learning. And, as downstream effects of different processes are uncovered, teams often develop a greater appreciation for each other’s roles, build relationships, and encourage collaboration.

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Colleen Frankwitz, Talent Connections & Talent Development Director

Erin Hargrove is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with Salo. Together with her team, she delivers HR strategy development, HRIS technology planning and implementation services to HR leaders in the Twin Cities and Chicago regions.  Connect with Erin on LinkedIn here.