The innovative global consulting company, Future iQ Partners are partnering with St George’s House, Windsor Castle to create a global think tank consultation on the 15th and 16th October, 2012. NumberWorks Co-Founder, Gwen Martin, will attend this international event, entitled Building Sustainable Regional Communities in Today’s World, which will be held in the historic grounds of Windsor Castle.

In a world of elevated uncertainty and volatility, it is becoming critical to anticipate, understand and adapt to future events. Many regions, communities and industries are facing unprecedented levels of change. For regional and local leaders, this intensifies the urgency of answering the question ‘What does this mean for us; how do we adapt and continue to build our local communities and economies?”

This consultation will draw together selected renowned practitioners, decision makers, and academics from Europe, North America and Australia, in order to explore how to build the ‘future intelligence’ that will be critical to unlock local people’s power and inspiration to create and sustain their own future. This consultation will link expertise across the globe, resulting in solutions to these issues and provide discussion, which will lead to key regional strategies and the publication of a White Paper.

Gwen Martin part of the innovative consulting firm Salo, and Co-Founder of their NumberWorks brand , will be attending as one of 35 participants from around the world. Gwen brings a wealth of experience to the consultation as a recognized leader in the fields of corporate recruiting, hiring and mentoring employees. Key to her contribution will be as a recognized trend expert in the employment sector.

Future iQ Partners work across the world to build vibrant regional economies, sustainable industry, great destinations and productive community development. They have helped regions across the world flourish, by building networks of expertise and unique tools that focus on developing long-term agility and sustainability.

St George’s House was founded in 1966 by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and the then Dean of Windsor, Robin Woods, as a place where people of influence and responsibility in every area of society can come together to explore and communicate their views and analysis of contemporary issues. The Duke of Edinburgh believes that, as the College is hidden away within the Castle walls, it is particularly suitable to attract people in positions of leadership within government, industry, commerce and the churches as a place for discrete discussions of mutual and national interest.