Minnesota artist creates two original pieces for Salo Minneapolis and Chicago

Salo co-founders stand with artist Adam Turman at artwork reveal

Two new pieces of locally commissioned artwork now decorate the walls of Salo LLC, the leader in driving business outcomes in finance, accounting and human resources. Both original paintings were created by Minnesota’s own, Adam Turman. The 6 x6 foot pieces are helping Salo celebrate 15 years of service in Minneapolis.

There is a synergy between the two creations. They can stand on their own but together they complete each other. One is made to reflect the Minneapolis skyline and the other showcases the windy city, where Salo opened a second office in 2011. Rivers run through each canvass and flying chickadees dot the landscape.

“The birds and the rivers convey movement and symmetry,” explains Adam Turman artist, and creator of the two paintings. “And everybody loves chickadees. They’re a native Midwestern bird that you’ll find in both cities.”

Primary colors in the paintings are Salo’s signature orange and gray, with Turman’s bright splashes of blue throughout.

“When we unveiled them, the staff was very emotional,” says Turman. “As an artist, that is the ultimate compliment. People felt really strongly about how we conveyed their workplace, their environment and how they help their clients.”

“We are so excited to have locally created artwork that expresses who we are, where we come from and the importance of our client relationships on the walls of our two offices,” says Amy Langer, Salo co-founder.

“As local business owners, we fully support local artists,” says John Folkestad, Salo co-founder. “We are thankful for Adam’s commemoration of fifteen years of building relationships and connecting talented people with companies we serve.”