Life As A BDD
This is me–hi, I’m Maura Howard, a Salo BDD–at our annual anniversary party.

At Salo, we prioritize relationships over transactions. At the heart of this unique business model is our BDDs (that’s me!)—an elite group of master relationship-builders with deep knowledge in the fields of HR, finance, and accounting.

Officially, “BDD” stands for “Business Development Director,” but that title doesn’t do the role justice. Although BDDs do bring business to Salo, that’s just one part of the job. Their primary role is building lasting relationships with clients and consultants based on mutual trust and mutual success.

BDDs focus on serving clients, not selling to them

BDDs are empowered (and encouraged) to find ways to provide value to clients—even if it doesn’t lead to business for Salo. They take the time to learn what’s important to each client from goals and future plans to concerns and challenges. As a result, BDDs become a client’s:

Finance leaders

Strategic Ally

  • BDDs talk to people in our industries every day. It’s their job to know about market trends, new technologies, and more. They often provide clients with valuable market insights applicable to the client’s situation or goals—even if they’re not currently working with our talent.
Finance leaders

Sounding Board

  • Clients often call their BDDs when they want an objective opinion about a challenge they’re facing or advice about a choice they need to make. If a client wants to discuss a new project, a restructuring plan, a technology implementation, or any other strategic question; BDDs are ready to listen and provide solutions based on experience.
Finance leaders


  • BDDs can often connect clients to peers or experts in their fields—whether it’s introducing them to a Salo consultant, inviting them to a Salo peer-to-peer discussion group, or providing information about a wide variety of opportunities outside of Salo.

And, when a client has a consulting need …

… BDDs are ready. In addition to building relationships with clients, they also cultivate relationships with Salo’s top-notch, senior-level consultants. BDDs know about each consultant’s experience, skills, and what kind of work energizes them. So, when a client needs help, BDDs can quickly recommend the right consultants(s) for the situation.

The BDD takes care of the entire recruitment process for the client, from assessing their needs to finalizing the deal. And, even after a consultant is chosen, BDDs stay engaged—supporting the client and consultant, so they both can have the best possible experience.  

Salo BDDs thrive on helping others 

People choose to be BDDs at Salo because they genuinely like helping people and making connections. Salo’s mission is “Connecting people to make a difference.” BDDs live that mission every day.  

Although most BDDs say there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the spark between a client and a Salo consultant when they’re solving complex challenges; it’s the BDD’s job to make every stage of the client relationship worthwhile.

Now, how can we help you? Want to bounce off some ideas about your finance, accounting, or HR challenges? Have questions about Salo or our services?  Connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Maura Howard

Senior Business Development Director