Members of Salo LLC attended the 2017 Minnesota Recruiters Spring Conference, an annual event in which 200+ Twin Cities recruitment professionals gather to network, share ideas, and learn best practices from both local and international thought-leaders in the talent space.

This year’s conference featured talks from two all-stars in the world of recruitment: Johnny Campbell and Mark Landwer.

recruitersFounder and CEO of Social Talent, Johnny Campbell, started off the morning’s program with a presentation on a phenomenon he calls “The Power of Purpose”. Citing the results of various market research studies, along with recent findings on the physiological make-up of the human brain, Johnny argued that most people make most of their decisions solely based off emotion. Because of this, he believes recruiters should focus on telling the stories behind the positions they are working to fill. When recruiters take the time to clearly describe how a given position contributes to the overall mission of the company, this often creates an emotional connection for the candidate. And, when a candidate’s personal mission aligns with the company, this almost always results in high-quality hires and increased retention.

Mark Landwer, President of Enterprise Field Sales at, followed with an engaging presentation on the states of employment in Minnesota and the United States. Through an analysis of historical data on a variety of key economic indicators, Mark presented a clear picture of our current state of employment. He also provided insight into how factors, such as domestic policy changes, shifts in global power, and the exiting of the Baby Boomer generation from the workforce, may shape our future state of employment. To be continually successful, Mark emphasized the importance of providing a clear, consistent, and (most importantly) memorable candidate experience.

Molly Kissner, Business Development Director with the Salo HR team, described her biggest takeaway from the conference: “Question everything in your TA process and make sure that your processes make sense, are efficient, and most importantly… are effective. Every single candidate has one thing in common: They are human. Don’t forget the power of storytelling.”

Jeff Donnay, Managing Director with Salo and a member of the MN Rec Advisory Board, also shared his thoughts on the event: “Events like this foster learning in a peer group setting. Sharing best practices and collaborating in this way will help our community address the projected talent shortage our region faces.”

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