LawgicSearch Addresses Growing Need for Experienced And Highly Specialized In-House Attorneys

In a strategic move in these challenging times, Salo is again leveraging its deep understanding of the Twin Cities’ business environment and launching a new firm called LawgicSearch. The new company will focus exclusively on attorney search, delivering customized staffing solutions to corporate law departments in need of experienced and specialized in-house counsel.

The boutique firm, which is the only Twin Cities’ based attorney search group dedicated to in-house search, is Salo’s third new venture in less than a decade. As with other Salo companies, LawgicSearch’s business strategy is to address an emerging—and unmet—market need.

The decision to launch LawgicSearch at this time comes on the heels of a Salo market assessment that revealed a growing need for experienced and highly specialized attorneys at corporations in the Twin Cities’ surrounding region. As part of corporate belt-tightening measures, many law departments have been forced to bring work that historically would have been out-sourced to law firms, back in-house. In addition, the level of corporate change brought on by the recent economic downturn has increased the need for experienced attorneys with a range of specialized skills.

To build and lead LawgicSearch, Salo co-founders John Folkestad and Amy Langer have brought-on experienced attorney recruiter Mary Beth Sinclair, a Minnesota native and herself an attorney. In explaining the need for a firm like LawgicSearch, Sinclair said, “We see a growing demand for experienced and highly specialized attorneys who can manage complex legal matters and the level of corporate change that is underway.”

Sinclair, who holds the title of Co-Founder and Managing Director, added, “We work collaboratively with a select group of clients, and exceed their expectations by providing candidate profiles that wouldn’t otherwise come across their desk. For example, we recently introduced a local client, seeking a new General Counsel, to a very talented attorney with outstanding credentials. The interesting part is that the attorney was not looking for a new opportunity. But when we brought them together, it was obviously a terrific match, and both sides are thrilled with the outcome. Accessing that level of talent is where we add value.”

Sinclair sees her role as two-fold: developing what she calls “career-long relationships” with experienced Twin Cities’ attorneys, and achieving a solid understanding of the unique culture that exists in corporate law departments. “Talent and experience are essential,” Sinclair said. “But chemistry is often the intangible in a candidate’s ultimate success within an organization. Creating that perfect match is what we do best.”

LawgicSearch, LLC is a leading innovator of attorney staffing solutions and the only Twin Cities’-based search group that is dedicated to in-house search. A Salo-affiliate company, LawgicSearch provides experienced and highly specialized attorneys for permanent positions in corporate law departments. Founded and operated by attorneys for attorneys, LawgicSearch has a unique ability to understand the complex challenges facing attorneys and delivers innovative solutions quickly and cost effectively. To learn more, visit: http://www.lawgicsearch.comor call 612.230.7070.