Train for Change

If change is the only thing in life we can count on, we’d like to offer up a little challenge:

Let’s make 2016 the year we embrace, guide and drive change in our businesses to advance awesome outcomes.

How to start?


Spot the need for action

Sometimes, the need to make a change is easy to spot because it’s tied to an event: You launch a new product line. The economy rallies. A key partner is hired. Your people dynamic shifts. Action is required. Simple.

More often, change is like a slowly rising tide. Tiny transitions happen every day, with every employee, making the need for change harder to see until it’s too late.

Sound dramatic? Consider this: If you suddenly lose a superstar, you could just as suddenly be 6-12 weeks off track. That’s how long it takes to hire top talent.

Here are a few ways to hone your vision.

  1. Look for patterns. Work is chronically late. Mistakes are on the upswing. Turnover is taking hold. These patterns can be easier to spot in more tactical roles. For senior level talent in complex roles, it’s more nuanced. So be diligent in your watch.
  1. Follow your leaders. Are your strategic partners still bringing you new ideas and challenging your thinking? Or are they too tied up with daily tasks, trying to do so much by themselves that they can’t focus on the big picture? Are they doing what you tell them rather than leading the discussion? Following their behaviors can make breakdowns and even break-ups easier to see.
  1. Ask. And Listen. You’d be surprised how often leaders and managers forget to talk to their teams. Make meaningful conversations a part of everyone’s routines. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Listen with your eyes and your ears, and even your heart. It’s the only way you’ll know when frustrations are lurking below the surface.

What’s next?

Once you’ve identified that it’s time for a change, you’ll need a game plan. After all, you can’t drive change if you don’t know where you’re going. Create a future state org chart to identify what you need to achieve your vision. Vision a little fuzzy? Or not sure where to start? Give us a call. We’re happy to be a resource.