So far my Blue Zones journey has resulted in no life-altering revelations or “A-ha!” moments. I guess that means I’m doing it right. Nevertheless I can’t help feeling a little unaccomplished. How am I to discipline myself to focus on a goal that I will never know was achieved? As a goal-driven person, I’m realizing the need to redefine success in the Blue Zones program.

This has led me to embrace a philosophy of living in the moment. Thinking, “How can I be my very best at THIS MOMENT?” The framework provided by Blue Zones, has led me to making better decisions that should lead to a longer life and more happiness. For example, at a recent lunch I made the most of that moment by ordering a salad when my initial inclination was something less healthy. Later in the day, feeling happy about my lunch decision, I opted to reflect on a challenging situation through the lens of being my best at that moment, and handled the situation in a more productive way.

I always thought “Carpe Diem” was an anthem for reckless living, which would probably result in a shorter life span. Hey, at least I’d have a ton of fun! Through the lens of Blue Zones, I now see “Carpe Diem” as a challenge to be my best at each and every moment, in turn having more moments to be my best.