Blue Zones Certified Workplace


Get ready world, we’ll be here a long time.

Health. Longevity. Happiness. These characteristics define the Blue Zones, places around the world where it’s not unusual for people to live—and live well—beyond 100 years of age.

In 2008, Salo became the first business to participate in the Blue Zones Certified Workplace project. And in 2013, we were recognized as the first Blue Zones Certified Workplace in America.

Office of the Future

Mayo Clinic Study with Dr. James Levine

Salo also collaborated with Dr. James Levine and the Mayo Clinic to measure the impact of movement at work on weight loss. While we lost pounds and inches, we also packed on a measureable increase in employee productivity and firm-wide profitability. Our open floor plan, treadmill desks and sit/stand desks are still a favorite way we incorporate activity into our workday.

We’ve seen that investing in our employees’ enhanced wellbeing and engagement benefits employees individually, but as a byproduct, it’s benefitting the firm as well.

  • The workplace is the next frontier for Blue Zones. Workplaces with greater wellbeing have fewer healthcare costs and are among the best places to work.

    - Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow; Author, Blue Zones