We’re excited that you’re interested in spreading good fortune by taking part in the #SaloLuckyCat contest! Below are some important details you’ll need to know:

1. Follow @SaloLLC for contest updates and announcements.

2. Your photo must include a Lucky Cat.

3. Share your passion by including a photo caption with your tweet or submission.

4. Your tweet or submission must include #SaloLuckyCat.

5. By submitting your photo, you give Salo permission to publish your photo, as well as your photo caption. Only first names will be used in any retweets

6. Each month, Salo will randomly draw one photo from the previous month’s tweets and submissions. To qualify, photos must have been submitted within the same calendar month of the respective monthly drawing. Submit new photos each month.

7. Salo will notify monthly winner via Twitter direct message or email.

8. Salo will donate $500 to the registered 501(c)3 non-profit of the monthly winner’s choice. 501(c)3 designation is subject to final verification by Salo.

9. Contest is scheduled to run through December 2014. However, Salo reserves the right to cancel or suspend the contest at any time without notice.


Simply fill out the form below and upload your photo. Salo will tweet your photo and caption for you!

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