End-to-End Project Ownership

Salo’s end-to-end project team combines large-consulting-team quality with small-team flexibility and grit. We’re not the kind of firm to make some recommendations and leave. We like to see a project through to the end. We will be with you from idea to acceptance. From clarity to completion. From start to success. Our expert finance, accounting and human resources consultants deliver business evolving results by:
  • Working with your team to define the project scope and an end-to-end project plan
  • Using proven, pragmatic Salo methodologies
  • Maintaining a consistent team and constant accountability throughout the project
  • Fostering collaboration with (and within) your team, so they can embrace change

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Our team: Talent you’ll call on again and again.

After working together, clients and our consultants develop a certain comradery. So much so, that clients often request the same people the next time they have a project in mind. After all, working with the same consultant more than once creates continuity, shortens the learning curve and increases productivity. This is especially true for consultants that work on long, complicated projects—like our end-to-end consulting team. Comprised of senior, full-time consultants and led by experienced principals, our team earns client trust with their expertise, communication skills, and hands-on approach to all aspects of a project. Once assigned to a project, our consultants stay with it all the way through. Because they work closely with their clients’ team, get to know each client’s business, and successfully drive business outcomes, clients call on them again and again.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Our principals will work with you to define the project scope and objectives and then manage the consulting team throughout your project. Each principal has extensive consulting expertise and experience. Click here to meet our team and contact us to start a discussion about your project.

Areas of Focus

Here are a few of the most common types of projects our end-to-end team takes on:

Recent Engagements

Our team focuses where human resources and business strategy intersect. here are some examples of the work we are proud to have been a part of.

Managing every aspect of your project, from start to success.