Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting Services

Salo seeks out financial professionals in search of challenges and big-idea projects—the business evolvers, change agents and forward thinkers who make things happen. Then we match them with the right project, at the right time, in the right business, with the right chemistry to create success for everyone. So, go ahead. Budget for a satisfaction surplus.

Challenges We Solve

All organizations have one thing in common: they know finance and accounting is critical to business. Your stakeholders depend on you to get it right. We’ll take the time to understand your specific needs and rigorously vet potential candidates to ensure they have what it takes to achieve your specific business outcomes.

From project leaders and subject matter experts to trusted advisors and top performers, we have the resources to help drive your business forward. Here are just a few examples of how we can help:

Projects we tackle

Positions we fill


  • CFO
  • Controller
  • VP of Finance
  • Finance Director
  • Finance Business Analyst
  • Accounting Manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Staff Accountant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Finance & Accounting Consultant or Specialist

Areas of expertise

  • SEC, regulatory and management reporting
  • Technical accounting
  • Financial modeling
  • Project management
  • Internal audit/risk management
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Cost accounting
  • General accounting
  • Account reconciliation
  • Financial systems project support
  • Accounting close process
  • Budget & forecasting process
  • Acquisition integration
  • Revenue recognition
  • Shared services
  • Functional strategy

Let’s get solving. Contact us in either Minneapolis or Chicago to find out how we can help solve your next business challenge.

Ways We Work

Every Salo engagement is unique. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. We’ve developed a flexible range of finance and accounting services, so every client can get exactly what they need—not just some one-size-fits-all service offering.

We’ll work closely with you to create the kind of relationship that suits your situation best. Take a minute to learn about our service offerings and discover all the ways we could help move your business forward:

Interim staffing and consulting

Keep moving forward with senior, vetted talent you can trust

Change happens and unexpected situations arise. Extended leaves of absence. Staff changes. And the work still needs to get done. Our senior-level finance and accounting consultants are ready to step in and start adding value immediately.

Learn more about Salo’s interim staffing and consulting services.

Project leadership and support

Add top-rung talent and expertise to your team when and where you need it

Big projects. Tough projects. Projects that need to happen in a hurry. Projects that won’t end. Sometimes your team needs an extra pair of hands (or an extra brain) to advance. Experienced Salo consultants can lead or support your internal project team—working side-by-side with your staff to efficiently and effectively get your project done.

Learn more about Salo’s project leadership and support services.

End-to-end project ownership

Let expert consultants manage your project from start to success

Salo’s end-to-end project team combines large-consulting-team quality with small-team flexibility and grit. We’re not the kind of firm to make some recommendations and leave. We like to see a project through to the end. We will be with you from idea to acceptance. From clarity to completion. From start to success.

Our expert finance and accounting consultants deliver business evolving results by:

  • Working with your team to define the project scope and an end-to-end project plan
  • Using proven, pragmatic Salo methodologies
  • Maintaining a consistent team and constant accountability throughout the project
  • Fostering collaboration with (and within) your team, so they can embrace change

Contact us to get started.

Executive Search

We’ll find the perfect executive leader for your team

When it comes to finding a permanent finance executive for your organization, Salo has it covered. With our unparalleled talent network, proprietary processes, and decades of industry experience, we’ll find the best person to lead—and inspire—your team. Learn more.

Public accounting professionals

Get access to rising public accounting talent through our Compass Program

The Salo Compass Program is a rotational program designed to help public accounting professionals transition to industry by gaining new functional experiences. Compass consultants are driven, hungry to learn, and ready to help take your business to the next level.

Access to driven professionals
The Compass Program hires promising public accounting professionals who have that “it” factor, but simply haven’t found their “it” role. The consultants we’ll place in your company have strong foundational skills and a thirst for learning. The attitudes and capabilities they bring will help you meet your business objectives.

An expanded recruiting network
With the Compass Program, you’ll grow your network of coveted public accounting professionals. Because this is a rotational program, you’ll get to work with several Compass consultants, each for a defined period of time. So, when you’re ready to hire a full-time resource, you’ll have a rich, vetted recruiting pipeline of talent that you know fits with your company’s culture.

A customized and supported approach
Every new Compass Program rotation takes place under the direction of the Compass Program Director, Compass Program Lead, your Business Development Director, and you, the client. We’ll work with you to design an engagement that meets your needs; then we’ll ensure everything stays on track and your outcomes are met.

Learn more about the Compass Program.

Staff-level solutions

Connect with staff-level accounting talent

There is always work to be done. It’s true of many areas of business but an absolute reality for staff-level accounting placement. Since the numbers never stop, our team never tires of providing the interim resources needed to achieve your business outcomes. We’re on your team and at your call to ensure the work gets done accurately and efficiently.

We seek out staff-level accounting stars, not entry-level chair fillers. We narrow our candidates to the select few who understand how to mitigate risk, those who know how to deliver a consistent experience, and the few unique candidates who can really deliver an objective.

Our consultants build reputations that last, because they expect to be called again. That creates continuity, shortens the learning curve and increases productivity.

Contact us to learn more about our staff-level solutions.

Outcomes & Results

It’s easy to tell when a project goes well. People are energized, processes are streamlined and business expectations are met—and exceeded. After working with us, clients say our work helped:

  • Minimize risk of missing deadlines and gaps in workflow
  • Improve business flow in monthly accounting and month-end close
  • Maximize team productivity
  • Timely reporting and audit prep information
  • Time savings with report generation, data migration and automation
  • Enhance financial reporting
  • Create, implement and optimize HR and Finance systems and processes to generate real advantage for firms with revenue $100 million to $2 billion
  • Build frameworks that become the foundation of the company’s vision
  • Accelerate revenue and cost savings by streamlining and improving process
  • Empower teams with clearly planned and highly actionable “playbook” models