Interim Staffing and Consulting

Why get a bench warmer, when you can have a star performer?

Our consultants choose this career because they like variety, challenging work and meeting new teams. As a result, they do more than just fill a role or keep a seat warm. They proactively drive initiatives and business outcomes. They work with your employees, so the end-of-project transition is easy. They blend into your team so quickly and seamlessly that you’ll forget they’re a consultant. Really. You’ll be sad to see them go.

Each of our consultants is a rigorously vetted professional in their field. We’ll work with you to understand what you need, so we can find the right resource for your situation.

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Recent Engagements

Salo consultants work exclusively in the areas of finance, accounting, and human resources. Here are just a few of roles they take on.

The Salo Difference
It’s all about relationships

Listen. Collaborate. Succeed. Repeat. Salo’s success formula is simple: We think in terms of relationships, not transactions. We treat every interaction—whether it’s with clients, consultants, or members of the community at large—as part of a long-term relationship. Quick wins are nice, but our real focus is helping people, projects and businesses thrive long-term. We:

  • Invest time to understand each client’s and consultant’s short-term needs and long-term goals
  • Strategically align each engagement to benefit both the client and consultant
  • Cultivate an unparalleled network in each market we serve
  • Relish the work we do and get excited about the people we work with

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