Brooke Baker and Jecenia Delgado

Brooke Baker, Talent Acquisition Lead and Jecenia Delgado, Business Operations Associate.

Salo fosters a culture where employees feel empowered to drive results and have fun doing it. For the past 17 years we’ve proudly established traditions, created our own lingo, displayed quirky art, and most importantly, hired some smart people.

As culture evolves, so do we

It’s short-sighted to think our company culture formula that’s had past success will continue to work in the future. An always-evolving culture informs our hiring practices. Salo has shifted thinking from “How will a candidate fit in our curated culture?” to “What will a candidate add to our culture to make it even better?” 

Rather than hiring talent to solve current business problems, we seek talent that will help build the Salo of tomorrow.

As candidates represent increasing diversity—age, race, and education level—Salo has an opportunity to hire talent that represents new ideas, perspectives, and ways of working that homogeneous companies just can’t compete against.

Jecenia Delgado experienced Salo’s culture-influenced hiring approach while interviewing for a Business Operations Associate (BOA) role. Spending 3 years as a stay-at-home mom left a gap in Jecenia’s resume, however, she was able to talk about how her skills running a household would translate to being a successful BOA. “Being a mom taught me how to be more purposeful with everything I do, and how to prioritize needs.”

While culture changes, core values do not

Since Salo’s founding and our mission and values were established, it’s been important to live up to our promise of connecting to make a difference, and bringing curiosity, connection, positive energy, awareness, drive, and professionalism to our daily work.

In working with talent, we consider how each candidate aligns with our mission and values, which can manifest in a variety of ways depending on an individual’s cultural background and previous experiences. For example, Jecenia immediately connected with Salo’s value of curiosity. “Coming from a Puerto Rican background, education has always been an important value in our home. Being a first-generation college graduate has always given me the drive to continue to learn and grow and be an example to my siblings.“

When shared values and purpose are present, teams can achieve great things. Jecenia says, “Returning to the workforce has given me a genuine interest in learning and finding ways to contribute to Salo’s growth.”

Getting it right requires ongoing attention

It can be tempting for a hiring manager to try and seek candidates that appear to duplicate strong performers. But when we have an ideal candidate in mind, confirmation bias can negatively influence the selection process.

Salo is committed to helping diminish biased hiring practices. People leaders are required to take the IDI assessment, which helps identify how an individual’s worldview can translate into bias in the workplace. With the assessment results, we work on bringing awareness to how potential bias can impact hiring decisions and experiences employees have once they come onboard.

Our culture is one of the reasons Salo is a great place to work. And, it’s only going to get better as we recognize what each candidate’s fresh perspectives and experiences could bring to the team. If you’re interested in working at Salo—or if you have questions about how we prioritize culture add over culture fit—connect with me on LinkedIn.

Brooke-BakerAuthor: Brooke Baker 

Talent Acquisition Lead