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Christine Erickson

Business Development Director
CPA, Inactive Certificate
Finance & Accounting

Christine Erickson

How would you describe your role, purpose or the outcomes you drive?

I love to connect talented people to the right work to achieve positive business outcomes for my clients. In this market, I think it’s important to have flexibility in staffing and have the ability to pull in high performers who can hit the ground running and fill short-term needs.

How has your previous work experience prepared you for your role with Salo?

This role is a natural progression of my career. I started out in the private industry working in various accounting and finance positions before moving into consulting. I worked as a Salo consultant for 12 years myself and then moved to a customer success position at BlackLine prior to coming back to Salo. Through these experiences, I’ve discovered that I have a passion for working with clients and partnering with them on solving their business needs, and my experience has given me a keen understanding of the talent required to meet and exceed my client’s expectations.

How do you achieve business outcomes?

It’s important to me to truly understand my client’s needs and objectives.  How do they define success both in the short and long term? Once I do so, my mission is to find the right talent to achieve their desired results.

How would your friends describe you?

Focused, passionate and trustworthy.

What are three interesting things about you, but only one of them needs be true?

I was a certified beer taster assisting in quality control.

I successfully summitted Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet.

I once had twenty dogs.

What is your favorite thing about working at Salo?

The ability to work hard for our clients but have a ton of fun doing it amongst great team members.