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Jackie Oslowski

Customer Experience Manager

interim human resources director

How would you describe your role, purpose or the outcomes you drive?

The main purpose of my role is to ensure everyone who interacts with Salo has the best customer experience we can provide. This includes everyone who calls or visits our office, as well as the experience our employees have on a day-to-day basis.

How has your previous work experience prepared you for your role with Salo? 

Prior to Salo, most of my professional career was in the HR field. In human resources, there is a heavy focus on providing an exceptional customer experience whether it’s for the leaders you are supporting or candidates you are working with on a daily basis.  This experience has equipped me with a strong knowledge and understanding of customer service that I use to continuously improve the customer experience at Salo.

How do you achieve business outcomes?

I pride myself on listening carefully, being open to feedback and not being afraid to ask “why,” which I believe are all keys to success.  I also credit a lot of my success in achieving business outcomes to the team I work closely with on a daily basis.

What impact did your upbringing have on the way you approach your work and life?

My mom has had a huge impact on my life. She had a tough upbringing and had to work very hard for everything growing up. She instilled that work ethic in me at a very young age and taught me that you always give 110% in everything you do, which is how I function in all aspects of my life.

How would your friends describe you?

Loyal, hard worker, compassionate, trusting and fun!

List three interesting things about you, but only one of them needs to be true.

I won the national Ping Pong Tournament. I enjoy Opera. I love Vegas!

What is your favorite thing about working at Salo?

I thoroughly enjoy working with such a talented, driven, energized and caring group of people.  The culture at Salo is amazing!