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Jon Cermak

Senior Talent Connection Manager
Talent Connection

Jon Cermak headshot


How would you describe your role, purpose or the outcomes you drive? 

I am responsible for building meaningful connections and relationships with senior talent in the HR field and then helping them find impactful work that they love to do.

How has your previous work experience prepared you for your role with Salo? 

I grew up in human resources and always had a passion for talent acquisition and relationship building. I get to use these skills as a talent connection manager every day!

How would your friends describe you? 

Good listener, kind, don’t take myself too seriously, likes to have fun!

List three interesting things about you, but only one of them needs to be true. 

I was a professional curler in Europe for a short time. I received my master scuba certification on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I love low-budget horror movies from the 70s and 80s.

What is your favorite thing about working at Salo?

The amazing and talented people I get to work with every day and the mission of the organization. I strongly believe that all people desire to develop meaningful relationships with others and that is what we get to do every day at Salo.