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Sarah Ward

Business Operations Manager
Business Operations

How would you describe your role, purpose or the outcomes you drive?

My role is to support the sales team in making sure they are prepared when meeting with clients. If they are successful, it means I’m doing my job.

How has your previous work experience prepared you for your role with Salo?

I have spent 12 years in professional services, supporting many different function areas. My experience has helped me understand how all the parts work together. As Business Support Services Manager, I am able to use this experience to help make my team be more efficient and spend more time supporting our clients and consultants.

How do you achieve business outcomes?

I work closely with my team to understand (and anticipate) their needs for meetings with clients and colleagues.

What impact did your upbringing have on the way you approach your work and life?

My parents grew up in rural Iowa and moved to the Chicago area the year I was born. They always stressed the importance of family, faith and hard work. They taught my sister and I that things might not be perfect but always work hard and give everything 100%. There are going to be things you might not enjoy but they are still important and should be given the same attention as the fun things.

How would your friends describe you?

Genuine, supportive, dedicated, honest, fun

List three interesting things about you, but only one of them needs be true.

I am recording artist. I won the 8th grade spelling bee contest. I once fought Chuck Norris and won.

What is your favorite thing about working at Salo?

Working with people that enjoy what they do and take pride in their work. You know from day one that Salo employees are proud of the culture and company they have built over the years.