Consulting at Salo - Consultants

Learn about the support and benefits you will have as a consultant.

Focus on the work you enjoy. 

Working at Salo gives you the opportunity to pursue the work that challenges and excites you while being part of something greater.

When you join Salo, you don’t have to carry the burden of owning your own business.  We take care of essential but time-consuming activities like new business and invoicing. You are free to focus on work you enjoy.

Take control of your career.

As a consultant, you now get to use your time with greater intention. You will have the power to determine your own schedule and the work that you do – allowing you to be more effective, have a greater sense of control, and less stress doing work that you enjoy.

Enjoy benefits associated with corporate roles.

As part of our team, you get to be a W2 employee of Salo, or you also can choose to be a 1099 employee if that is the route you want to take.

You will have access to benefits such as health insurance and paid time off, and opportunities for networking and professional development.

Belong to a community of experts.

As a Salo consultant, you’re more than a number in our book. You’re truly part of the Salo family – valued for your unique skills and strengths. When you join our team, you not only build your client connections, but you also gain a community of support and guidance.

You’ll develop close a close relationship with your Business Development Director who will help you find rewarding and meaningful work in your consulting career. In addition, you’ll have opportunities to meet and develop relationships with expert consultants like yourself. You are never without support and guidance.