What We Do

What We Do

This is about us. But, really, it’s about you.

You can make a difference with us. At Salo, we connect talent with companies to solve today’s business challenges. We partner with exceptionally skilled and seasoned leaders—in human resources, finance and accounting—who find purpose and inspiration in growing businesses. If this sounds like you, we’re looking for game-changing talent.

Discover the role you love with Salo.

We don’t fill positions as much as we create opportunities. Imagine being a hero at different companies in different industries. The variety of roles we offer will also help you keep your edge and stay competitive in the marketplace. Because a dull career is not an option.

Infuse your organization with our top talent.

When it comes to exceptional talent, our standards are high. Because yours are, too. We get it. Chances are, you’re in a bind or up against a deadline—and you need immediate impact. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their business and their situation – ensuring we connect each client with the right senior-level talent. You’re looking for just the right solution. We have just the right talent.

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Life at Salo

We’re passionate about our people, our work and our culture.

Meet the Team

The drivers, connectors and game-changers.

Since 2002, we’ve been connecting people, building careers and growing businesses.