While reflecting on my experience with the Blue Zones, one thing came to my mind immediately…we are all surrounding ourselves with the opportunity to live healthier and longer lives. Every day is a series of choices. Not just about food but choosing how you are going to go about your day. Should I meditate today or just continue to be stressed out? Walk up the stairs or take the elevator? It’s quite a different journey to go on alone, than compared to along side one’s colleagues, friends and family. Everyone is on their own journey, but we are doing it together and that is the beauty of our Blue Zones initiative, which is not about weight loss. (But I have lost a few pounds – yeah!) Actually I don’t even think of it as an initiative, rather the way of living that our firm and also my family will keep aiming for. Yes, aiming for. It’s not about perfection and “there is no failure here” mentality. It’s about surrounding ourselves with things that are good for you. Do I eat plants all day and never one peanut M&M? Nope, not realistic – they are so good. Thankfully I don’t have a bowl sitting next to me right now. Instead I have an apple with almond butter — also, so good. I am realizing how great I can feel by incorporating more and more greens and fruit and less of the processed junk. If the peanut M&M’s are on the counter, I will eat them. But, if I have more of the good stuff in my house and office, I will eat them instead. And eating better = feeling better = not so crabby mom/wife = happier family=more productive colleague and the ultimate kicker — the opportunity to be here longer to enjoy this awesome life. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who have the same aim – after all, you are who you surround yourself with! And that is your choice!